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Are dried apricots just as healthy as fresh ones?

  1. Dried fruit is useful if you cannot take fresh fruit with you. It stays good for a long time and is still very healthy, because the healthy nutrients are retained and digest more easily. Some fruits have properties that can give an extra push in the right direction for a certain condition and apricots are a good example of this. Dried apricots are known to help with high blood pressure. And preferably unsulphurised apricots.


  1. Dried fruit is very healthy. Unprocessed food is always healthier, so do you want unprocessed dried apricots? Then go for "unsulphurised" apricots. Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Then try to eat four to five dried apricots on an empty stomach every day for a few weeks and have your blood pressure checked regularly. Who knows, you may benefit from it. "Not shot is always wrong," isn't it?

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