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Bone broth: the many benefits of this superfood

  1. A true superfood, bone broth is gaining popularity again and with good reason. Broth made from bones is packed with important minerals and nutrients that can do a lot of good for your intestines, skin and general health. There are even people who have labeled bone broth as 'natural botox'. Why is this broth so healthy compared to normal broth? And what are the benefits of drinking bone broth?


  1. In addition to important minerals and gelatin, this soup base also contains many amino acids that can support the tissues in joints and enable gelatin to be used well in the body. And unlike many pricey superfoods in the store, it costs little to make your own bone broth - often you can get bones for next to nothing at the butcher shop. Vegetable residues can also be used to add extra flavor to the stock. This way you have a large pan full of miracle soup for next to nothing. Enough reasons to get started and draw your own stock!

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