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Can you eat smoked salmon during pregnancy?

  1. What can and cannot be eaten during pregnancy. That is a question that many pregnant women struggle with time and again. In itself, you can eat almost anything during pregnancy. The most important thing is to pursue a healthy lifestyle and diet during pregnancy. However, there are some risks, because although we often think that eating fish is part of a healthy diet, eating salmon is actually a health risk during pregnancy.

Other risk products

  1. The listeria bacteria is not only found in smoked salmon, but smoked salmon is a typical risk product. The fact that smoked salmon is extra susceptible to the listeria bacteria has to do with the fact that the smoked salmon is often kept refrigerated for a long time and is eaten without heating. In addition to smoked salmon, raw milk soft cheese, raw animal products and other smoked fish are also more susceptible to the listeria bacteria.

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