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Dark circles under the eyes: Causes and treatment

  1. Dark circles under the eyes - also known as raccoon eyes - are common to many people, including men and women. They are often painful and give people an older appearance. Especially in the morning many have to contend with this annoying symptom. Dark circles under the eyes may have several causes. Alcohol consumption and lack of sleep are the main reasons, but also some diseases cause the raccoon eyes. Often the dark circles are accompanied by a white and thin skin. Some self-care tips and professional treatment methods will reduce these dark circles.

Environmental factors

  1. Some environmental factors result in circles under the eyes. To determine why the circles are forming, gently stretch the skin under the eyes. If that area is darker, the circles may be due to genetics or skin aging. If the color does not change, UV rays (long-term exposure to the harmful UV rays of sunlight) or allergies

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