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Diet and gingerbread, gingerbread a healthy snack?

  1. Most Dutch people are used to having breakfast in the morning. In addition to bread and other products, many people also enjoy gingerbread for breakfast. More than 100 million gingerbread cakes were sold in the Netherlands in 2011. The popularity of the gingerbread therefore seems very easy to explain. For example, the gingerbread is often seen as an easy breakfast product or healthy snack. The popularity of the gingerbread is partly due to the promotion of such snacks by diet gurus. Sonja Bakker also mentioned gingerbread in her books as a suitable snack. The question, however, is whether gingerbread is as healthy as this question at first suggests.

Alternative to gingerbread

  1. If you would like to lose weight or follow a diet and still want to eat a slice of gingerbread regularly, it is wise and well to look for an alternative. An example of a healthy alternative is a slice of rye bread. Rye bread is very healthy and scientific studies have shown that eating rye bread has very beneficial effects on the waste process.

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