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Does low-fat fruit yogurt contain fewer calories than full-fat yogurt?

  1. No. Full-fat yogurt contains fewer calories than low-fat yogurt with fruits from a carton or cup. This is because there are a lot of added sugars in low-fat fruit yogurt. So the terms full and lean only say something about how fat the yogurt is and not how many calories it contains. In addition to terms full and lean, it is therefore also useful to look at the number of calories per 100 grams in dairy. With low-fat yogurt with fruits, the calories come mainly from the added (fruit) sugars and much less from fruit and dairy.

Yoghurt in the Wheel of Five

  1. Both full-fat yogurt and low-fat yogurt with fruit are not included in the Wheel of Five, so it is preferable not to eat too often. The Wheel of Five does contain low-fat yogurt with fresh fruit without sugar.

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