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Fancy pickles: pregnant

  1. Pregnant and pickles: it seems inseparable. Yet this is not so bad. Only ten percent of all pregnant women feel more like sour food, the other women tend to prefer sweet or salty food. Gherkins with whipped cream is a special combination that pregnant women suddenly find irresistibly tasty. Pregnancy lust is caused by hormones that are abundant during pregnancy.

Ignore Pregnancy Lust

  1. There is no need to ignore a pregnancy appetite. Those who feel like eating pickles can safely eat them if their health permits. One has to be more careful with sweets. First, many women gain some extra pounds during pregnancy. This is partly due to the higher amounts of sweets consumed. Also, some women are more at risk of developing gestational diabetes. If you are sensitive to this, it is better to consult the midwife before attacking the candy. This can easily test the blood sugar level in the blood by means of a blood test. Gherkins can contain a lot of sodium (salt). This keeps the fluid astringent and can increase blood pressure. High blood pressure during pregnancy can increase the risk of preeclampsia.

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