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Fresh herbs are not only healthy, but also delicious

  1. It is well known that fresh herbs have the most vitamins and minerals when eaten as fresh as possible. It is therefore best to cut herbs such as parsley, celery and basil as fresh as possible and add them to soup or gravy just before eating. In addition to being fresh from the plant, herbs can also be baked or boiled as a unique seasoning. For example, if you are frying some onions to add to the stew, add some rosemary, thyme and sage, for example, because once in the pan the flavors only come out. It is also careful not to put everything in the pan at the same time. The herbs only need a minute or two to fry.

No flower fertilizer for herbs

  1. However, do not give the plants flower fertilizer, because the substances from it also end up in the herbs and that is not the intention. This fertilizer is specially intended for plants and flowers and not for plants that are also eaten. The potting soil itself usually already contains some fertilizer and you can add a little cow manure after six weeks at the most. All herbs grow fine on it.

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