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How can you best store bread? And how long?

  1. How can you best store bread? In the pantry, fridge or freezer? And how long? Enter 'bread' in the online Storage Guide and find the answer immediately. You also get useful storage tips. Bread will keep in your kitchen cupboard for 2 to 4 days. It ages faster in the refrigerator. Bread stays fresh longer in a sealed bread bag in a well-sealable bread bin. Do you want fresh bread every day? Freeze the bread immediately after purchase and defrost the sandwiches that you are going to eat every day.

Recipes with stale bread

  1. You can toast stale bread, or make it into a sandwich. Recipes with stale bread are: French toast: beat the egg with semi-skimmed milk and some cinnamon. Let the bread soak and then bake until golden brown in a little margarine or oil. Pizza base: cut the crusts off the bread and line a baking pan with the bread. Mix Italian kitchen herbs with the tomato sauce. Cover the bread with the sauce and top your pizza with, for example, leeks, mushrooms, the sardines and some grated 30+ cheese. Bake the pizza for about 10 minutes until done and crispy. Bread Quiche: Use your old bread as the base for a quiche and even make the filling from your leftover vegetables. Piece of bell pepper, broccoli florets, green beans, half a tomato, stalks of parsley, a little milk and two eggs. Add some dried grated cheese and you're done

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