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How many carbohydrates can you eat per day to lose weight?

  1. The best way to lose weight is to limit your daily carbohydrate intake. Low-carbohydrate diets reduce the feeling of hunger and ensure more satiety. As a result, you lose weight easily without having to constantly count calories or worry about exactly how much you eat. But exactly how many carbohydrates can you eat to lose weight in a simple way? Of course, that largely depends on your body and your personal situation. Yet there are certain criteria you can adhere to.

20g - 50g per day

  1. This is the amount where people experience the most health benefits while losing weight in the fastest possible way. When less than 50g of carbohydrates are eaten per day, your body produces ketones that provide the brain with energy. Your feeling of hunger decreases sharply and you automatically lose weight. With this range you can enjoy enough vegetables, an amount of berries and some traces of carbohydrates from avocados and nuts and seeds.

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