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Is a glass of alcohol per day healthy?

  1. No, alcohol is not healthy. Any benefits of alcohol do not outweigh the health risks. A glass of alcohol a day can increase the risk of certain diseases, such as breast cancer. The advice is therefore not to drink alcohol or in any case no more than 1 glass per day. This advice is the same for men and women. Source: Some studies show that moderate alcohol consumption (up to 1.5 glasses per day) reduces the risk of some chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Although a positive effect has been measured with a small amount, this is not a good reason to drink a glass of alcohol every day. This is because alcohol consumption increases the risk of various forms of cancer, such as breast cancer. Astrid Postma-Smeets, expert Nutrition and Health, explains how it works in the video below.

Stop or cut down on drinking?

  1. To help people reduce or stop drinking alcohol, the Trimbos institute has developed an app, Maxx. The app contains practical exercises, tests and tips.

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