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Is the Rapley Method safe for my baby?

  1. With the Rapley method you give your child, instead of pureed food, pieces that he can put in his mouth. Before you start giving your child bigger pieces, you have to he can sit upright, and can swallow and chew well. It could be that your child is not ready yet. This allows the opportunity with the Rapley method are greater that your child chokes than if you gradually feed coarser food. Does he often choke or do you see that he has difficulty with chew, then it is better to wait a while before offering larger ones pieces.

Mashing snacks

  1. First start with mashed snacks, which you then use less and less makes fine. Let your child get used to coarser pieces slowly. Always stay there Bee. This way you can intervene immediately if something goes wrong. Another tip: If you let your child feel and handle the food himself, then he gets to know the texture in this way of his food. For example, whether it is hard or soft.

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