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No diet, but healthy weight loss and money saving

  1. You can not diet and still lose weight healthily and save money at the same time. People who want to lose weight often give a lot to it. Manufacturers thus earn millions with pills, powders and meal replacements to lose weight. Fitness centers come in with subscriptions that are not used. It is easier to make small changes in your life that ensure that you not only lose the necessary pounds, but that they always stay off.

And don't forget ...

  1. If losing weight / maintaining weight was easy, then it would have been long since. Realize that you have to work hard for this and that the sooner you start the better. So don't wait until after Christmas or after your best friend's birthday. Just start eating less and / or differently and exercising more. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single pass, in short, getting started.

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