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Number of calories in tapas

  1. The originally Spanish tapas are nowadays eaten a lot in the Netherlands. When eating tapas, people often eat all evening. Many different tapas are served, where you can taste many different taste variations. Although this is often very tasty and cozy, there is the danger that you will consume a lot of calories unnoticed. There can be quite a difference in the number of calories between different types of tapas. By opting for the tapas with a little less calories, you can still limit the total amount that you eat on such an evening.

Variation on traditional tapas

  1. Tapas do not always have to consist of traditional Spanish dishes. Tasty tapas can also be put together with small dishes from other countries. Think for example of Dutch tapas with a shrimp cocktail, bitterballen, fried potatoes with bacon, cauliflower florets with cheese sauce and cubes of cheese with cucumber. Or Italian tapas with caprese salad with mozzarella, tomato and basil, pizza slices, vitello tonnato, antipasta and bruschettas. A low-calorie tapas can also be composed with lots of vegetables, fish and low-fat meat such as white fish, asparagus rolled in ham, tomato salad, grilled chicken fillet and grilled vegetables.

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