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Oranges: Health Benefits of Orange

  1. Orange trees are the most cultivated fruit trees in the world. Oranges are popular fruits because of their natural sweetness, wide variety of types and diversity of uses, from juices and marmalades to face masks and sugared orange slices. The fruit contains few calories but a lot of nutrients. Various health benefits have been linked to the consumption of this fruit, also known in Belgium as 'oranges'. For example, oranges promote healthy skin, help prevent the eye disease macular degeneration and lower the risk of many diseases. However, some people should be careful about consuming oranges.


  1. Potassium Beta-blockers, a type of medication that the doctor often prescribes to treat heart disease, cause the level of potassium in the blood to rise. High-quality potassium foods such as oranges and bananas should therefore be consumed in moderation by people with heart disease who are taking beta-blockers. Consuming too much potassium (through oranges) is potentially harmful to people with poor kidney function. Is it for the kidneys

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