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Pain in esophagus and esophageal spasm

  1. The esophagus is made up of smooth muscle tissue and can cause very specific pain when the esophagus spasms, contracts, or spasms. Everyone knows the extremely unpleasant feeling when a bite of food does not go down properly and apparently gets stuck halfway down the esophagus. The esophagus responds to the too large (or too dry) bite of food with contraction. This cramp is very painful. Some people experience esophageal spasm without food being stuck. And sometimes something more serious can underlie esophageal spasms.

Heart complaints or esophageal spasms?

  1. You cannot make this distinction yourself and must always be sought by a doctor. Heart complaints have many similarities with cramps in the esophagus. Do you have pain and pain in the throat, chest, shoulders, arms, back ... please contact your doctor for consultation.

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