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Pregnant and cooked ham

  1. Boiled ham is a meat product that is often eaten on sandwiches. Certain processed meats are not recommended during pregnancy because they can be harmful to the unborn baby. The risk products are mainly raw meat products, but that does not mean that all other meat products are completely safe. Cooked meat products, such as cooked ham, can still be contaminated after cooking, so that after too long storage it can eventually contain large numbers of Listeria.

Boiled ham during pregnancy

  1. Boiled ham can be eaten during pregnancy, provided it is not kept for too long. It is also preferable not to eat cooked ham that is nearing the best before date. Because cooked ham contains quite a lot of salt, and because it increases the risk of colon cancer with too high an intake, it is wise not to eat too much cooked ham.

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