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Pregnant and energy drinks

  1. The energy drinks market has exploded from the year 2000 to 2015. They are often drunk to stay fitter and to reduce fatigue. But energy drinks can also have negative effects. These effects can be especially dangerous for children and pregnant women, because a child's body is still small and can process relatively less of the stimulants from energy drinks. But how dangerous are energy drinks during pregnancy? And what amounts can be harmful during pregnancy?

Sports drinks

  1. Energy drinks should not be confused with sports drinks such as AA-Drink and Aquarius. These drinks contain no stimulants and are intended to be used as a thirst quencher during exercise. Where energy drinks can dehydrate the body due to their high sugar content, sports drinks can actually help to maintain the fluid balance in the body. Although sports drinks also contain the necessary amount of sugar, they can be safely consumed during pregnancy.

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