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Pregnant and garlic

  1. Garlic is a well-known flavor enhancer in many products. Some pregnant cannot get enough of it and some should not think about it during pregnancy. But garlic not only serves as a seasoning, the fragrant bulb plant also has many healthy properties. Although its healthful properties suggest that it is good to eat garlic during pregnancy, it is said that pregnant women should not eat too much garlic. But what is true of this? And what are the thoughts behind? And what about eating garlic while breastfeeding?

Garlic and breastfeeding

  1. Even after pregnancy it is not always wise to eat large quantities of garlic. This is especially the case if you are breastfeeding. Garlic can affect digestion, causing the baby to suffer from his or her intestines. In addition, a sudden ingestion of garlic can cause an unpleasant taste and smell to breast milk. If you are very fond of garlic, it is best to build up the dose slowly during breastfeeding so that the baby can get used to it.

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