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Pregnant and gingerbread

  1. Gingerbread or gingerbread is often eaten as a snack. It is considered a healthy snack due to its low fat content. In addition, it is sometimes recommended to pregnant women who have difficult bowel movements. Gingerbread, however, contains a lot of sugar, which makes the snack a bit less healthy than is often thought. In addition, gingerbread contains cinnamon, a spice that should not be eaten too much during pregnancy. That is why it is wise not to eat too much gingerbread when you are pregnant.

Gingerbread during pregnancy

  1. There are no objections to eating gingerbread during pregnancy. Due to the amount of cinnamon in gingerbread, it is recommended not to eat more than 3 slices per day. Because gingerbread contains a lot of sugar, it is not a very healthy choice. It is better to choose a snack with less sugar or fruit. If you like to eat gingerbread to increase fiber intake, opt for wholemeal or sugar-free gingerbread, as standard gingerbread is not very high in fiber.

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