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Pregnant and mascarpone

  1. Mascarpone is a deliciously creamy fresh cheese that is suitable for use in creamy dishes such as risotto or in desserts. A well-known dish with mascarpone is tiramisu, a dessert that should not be eaten by pregnant women just like that. This is not due to the mascarpone, but to the alcohol that is used in the dessert. Mascarpone is a cheese made from cream that has always been heated during preparation, killing Listeria. This allows pregnant women to enjoy mascarpone without any worries, as long as it is not used in a dish that contains risky products.

Mascarpone and tiramisu during pregnancy

  1. Because mascarpone is heated during preparation, this is not a risk product for Listeria. Mascarpone is therefore safe to eat during pregnancy. Mascarpone is often used for tiramisu, a dessert that contains alcoholic drinks and raw eggs. This dessert is not suitable for pregnant women, especially because of the alcohol it can contain. Raw eggs can have an increased risk of being contaminated with Salmonella. Although pregnant women may be more susceptible to foodborne infections, Salmonella is not directly dangerous to the unborn baby because this bacteria cannot cross the placenta. The raw eggs are sometimes replaced in tiramisu by whipped cream or pasteurized eggs. If you would like to eat tiramisu during pregnancy, ask for a version without alcohol and preferably without raw eggs.

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