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Pregnant and salmon

  1. Salmon is a very versatile fish species. In addition to baking, steaming and grilling a piece of fresh salmon, salmon is also often smoked cold or hot. It is also used raw in sushi, sashimi or salmon tartare. This versatility makes salmon very popular in the Netherlands. However, eating salmon can also pose dangers in some cases. This is especially true for pregnant women, who should be especially careful when eating smoked salmon. Smoked salmon is often contaminated with Listeria. But what about other salmon preparations? Which types are safe and which types are not safe to eat during pregnancy?

Salmon preparations

  1. Salmon can be prepared in different ways. The most popular preparation is cold smoking. Cold smoked salmon is therefore the most sold fish in the Netherlands. In addition to cold smoked salmon, salmon is also available hot smoked, canned, frozen, fresh, and marinated. Fresh salmon can be fried or steamed, but it is also eaten raw in sushi and sashimi, for example

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