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Pregnant and shawarma

  1. Shoarma is not recommended by the nutrition center for pregnant women. After all, it is a heated product in which harmful bacteria and parasites, such as Listeria and Toxoplasma, should have been killed. Nevertheless, large amounts of bacteria are often found in shawarma prepared in kebab shops. While these bacteria will not directly cause a foodborne infection, in some cases they can still be dangerous for pregnant women. When is Shawarma a Risk During Pregnancy and When Is It Safe to Eat?

Shawarma during pregnancy

  1. Too many bacteria are often found on shawarma from shawarma shops. This can be dangerous for pregnant women, especially if the meat is not cooked properly, shawarma may be contaminated with Listeria or Toxoplasma. It is therefore better to prepare shawarma at home during pregnancy. At home, you don't prepare this in the traditional way by roasting the meat vertically, but fry the pre-cut pieces of raw marinated meat in a frying pan. When the meat is thoroughly heated, it is safe to eat.

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