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Pregnant and smoked sausage

  1. A smoked sausage is a typical Dutch product that is often eaten with a stew in winter. The smoked sausage is also eaten on a sandwich or with the pea soup. If you are pregnant in the winter, you will certainly eat a smoked sausage. But is smoked sausage healthy when you are pregnant? And are smoked sausages always safe for pregnant women?

Smoked sausage during pregnancy

  1. Eating a smoked sausage every now and then during pregnancy is harmless. Because a smoked sausage is not very healthy due to the high salt and fat content and the processing that a smoked sausage has undergone, it is wise not to eat it too often. Especially pregnant women who suffer from high blood pressure or gestational diabetes should watch out for this. For safety, it is also recommended to always cook traditional smoked sausages well in advance and to keep opened smoked sausages in the refrigerator for no longer than three days.

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