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Pregnant and steak

  1. Eating steak during pregnancy can pose dangers if the steak is not cooked through. Farm meat may contain the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which can cause damage to the unborn child. However, there are women who are immune to this. Processing such as salting, drying or simply freezing can also provide a solution.

Eating steak during pregnancy

  1. Eating steak during pregnancy is possible as long as it is certain that it does not contain Toxoplasma. You can be sure of this by frying the steak well until the core temperature has been above 70 degrees. In a restaurant, a steak with the grade 'well done' can be eaten. The steak is then no longer red on the inside and often becomes tough. A better way is to freeze the steak for at least two days at a temperature lower than -12 degrees Celsius. Most freezers are set to -18 degrees Celsius by default, making this possible at home. Real meat eaters can choose to have their blood tested for antibodies. If present, the steak can be eaten medium or rare.

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