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Quinoa; nutritional value, health and application

  1. Quinoa seed is a gluten-free superfood with a very high nutritional value and promotes good health. It comes from the chenopodium quinoa plant, which is related to the spinach and beet family. Quinoa is delicious as the base of a meal salad, but also goes well with many Moroccan dishes. Another use of quinoa comes from the region of origin South America, where quinoa flour is used to make fruit cakes and other sweet dishes.

Where can you buy quinoa?

  1. Until a while ago it was still quite difficult to buy quinoa. That has changed. Now that superfoods are all the rage, you no longer have to go to the health food store or health food store, but you can just buy a bag of quinoa at most supermarkets. Quinoa is often on the shelves next to cereal dishes (couscous, tarly etc), or you can sometimes find it sorted on a rack with other superfoods such as chia seeds and maca root.

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