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Sugar: learn the tricks of the food industry!

  1. Sugar is a drug that stimulates the pleasure center in our brain. The food industry makes good use of this. The many sugars in their products keep us wanting more, resulting in obesity and diabetes. Eating less sugar is not always easy. Manufacturers do their utmost to make food labels as complex as possible. Where possible, they avoid the word 'sugar'. They prefer to use many other, mysterious names. How do you make sure you don't smell in it? An overview of the most important tricks, pl�s a list of no fewer than 77 synonyms for sugar.

77 different names for sugar

  1. Sucrose Sucrose Saccharose Syrup Syrup Fruit sugar Fructose Fructose syrup Grape sugar Dextrose Glucose Corn syrup D-glucose Glucose fructose syrup Milk sugar Milk powder (contains 51% sugar!) Fruit juice concentrate Concentrated pear juice Concentrated apple juice Concentrated fruit juice Cinnamon sugar Lactose Galactose Malt sugar Maltose Maltodextrin Caster sugar Powdered sugar Granulated sugar Cane sugar Beet sugar Demerara Honey Nectar Palm sugar Coconut flour sugar Coconut blossom sugar Maple syrup Maple syrup Maple Syrup Molasses Molasses Black cane sugar molasses Blackstrap Molasses Muscovado Barbados sugar Agave syrup Agave nectar Turbinado Ancient sugar Panocha Panela Piloncillo Pearl sugar Corn sugar Corn syrup Rice sugar Rice syrup Invert sugar Invert syrup Treacle Caramel (heated sugar) Caster sugar (light dark) Jelly sugar Vanilla sugar Date syrup Wheat syrup Pouring syrup Brown sugar Candy (sugar) Gula djawa Gula kelapa Gula ares Table sugar Refined sugar Carob syrup Carob syrup

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