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Superfood: cocoa nibs

  1. Superfoods are on the rise, and are getting more and more popular. A fairly new addition to the superfood family is the cocoa nibs. This form of raw cocoa is easy to add to all kinds of dishes and is therefore very easy to use. Due to the structure and taste it somewhat resembles (very dark) chocolate, and who wouldn't want that in a superfood? In addition, it is of course not a superfood for nothing, because it contains a high content of important nutrients that give a significant boost to health. But which nutrients does it contain exactly? What does this do for your health? And where do you use it? This article answers these questions and shows why this superfood is rightly so popular.

Nutritional value and health

  1. Raw cocoa contains a lot of healthy substances. To begin with, there are the vegetable (phyto) nutrients, also called flavonoids. Flavonoids have an antioxidant

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