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The ban on Teflon

  1. Most of the households use a pan or other household appliance with a non-stick coating made of Teflon. Many of these Teflon coatings are made using a toxic substance called PFOA. This substance is released when the pans are heated above 260 degrees, or if the Teflon coating is damaged. The gases that are released are deadly for birds and probably also bad for humans. Teflon made with PFOA will be banned in 2015.


  1. There are many rumors that Teflon has been banned because of its carcinogenic properties. However, this is not the case. The ban on Teflon is mainly related to the harmful substances that are released during the production of Teflon with the help of PFOA. Teflon produced without PFOA can therefore continue to be made and sold. This is because the evidence for the harmful effects on humans of Teflon or of PFOA is inconclusive. The correct use of Teflon as a non-stick coating, i.e. it must not be damaged and must not be heated above 260 degrees, is still considered a safe way of preparing food. Partly due to the ban and the deteriorating image of Teflon, many alternatives have come onto the market in recent years.

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