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Tomatoes improve sperm quality

  1. Tomatoes have a positive effect on sperm quality. According to research published by the Cleveland Clinic.

  1. According to the American researchers, the substance lycopene, the substance that makes a tomato red, increases the amount of sperm by about 70 percent. The quality of the sperm also improves. For the study, the scientists studied data from 12 different studies around the world. All these studies showed that lycopene causes the number of sperm cells present to increase and also that the sperm starts swimming a lot faster. According to the leader of the study, Ashok Agarwal, the studies clearly showed the positive effect of lycopene on sperm.

Follow-up study

  1. Previous studies have also shown that lycopene reduces the risk of prostate disorders. The research team immediately started follow-up research and will study, among other things, the effect of taking lycopene supplements in men who are inexplicably infertile. The results of that study are expected next year.

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