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Types of synaesthesia: mixing of the senses

  1. Synesthesia is the property of people who can see sounds, taste images or smell shapes. This may sound meaningless, but for synesthetes it is the order of the day. For them, the sound of a trumpet can be equivalent to the smell of a melon. And they experience stimuli twice, with multiple senses at the same time. This can be done in many ways, all senses can be linked in all ways. What forms of synaesthesia are there?

Everyone has synaesthesia

  1. Actually every person has synesthesia to some degree. This is easy to test. Take the names 'kiki' and 'baba' and think of the shapes circle and star. Which form would you give which name? For almost everyone, the star is called kiki, and the circle is called baba. So shapes and sounds are linked together. And as clear as it is to everyone that baba belongs better to the round shape, it is so clear to synaesthetes that the letter 'a' must be blue.

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