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What is a good sandwich spread for your baby?

  1. For a baby in the first snack phase it is still no need to top the bread. Spread with soft margarine is enough. But you can invest. Look at the investment tips for toddler and toddler.


  1. Don't give up Why not Cheese made from raw milk, such as farmer's cheese In here can contain pathogenic bacteria. Young children are extra sensitive there in front of. Liver sausage or liver pâté. This contains a lot of salt, saturated fat and vitamin A. For example, too much can lead to headaches, nausea, dizziness and fatigue in your child. Cheese spread and regular cheese. This is high in saturated fat and salt. The kidneys of young children cannot handle much salt yet. Take 30+ cheese spread with less salt. Honey. Honey can be contaminated with a bacterium that can make children up to 1 year very sick.

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