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What is maltodextrin and is it unhealthy?

  1. Maltodextrin, what exactly is that? Maltodextrin is a substance that is processed in foods such as: sweets, sauces, coffee, gelatin and sugar substitutes. Maltodextrin can be bad for the body, so it can have the following unhealthy effects: skin rash, asthma, itching, breathing problems and an increased risk of bacterial infections such as salmonella.

A variant of maltodexrin: Dextrose

  1. Dextrose is also called grape sugar. Dextrose is also used to replenish the energy stores in the muscles. Maltodextrin is absorbed a little more slowly than dextrose, this seems to be more pleasant for the body. A large dose of glucose can sometimes be too much for the body. An advantage of maltodextrin over dextrose is that it is less likely to cause nausea. Dextrose can also lead to bad teeth, this is not the case with maltodextrin.

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