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Cream of pumpkin and apple with crunchy cervelat
4 ServingsPTM50 min

Cream of pumpkin and apple with crunchy cervelat



  1. Additional requirements: microwave, hand blender or food processor.
  2. Preheat the oven to 60 ° C.
  3. Heat the vinegar and sugar with a little salt in a deep plate in the microwave so that the sugar dissolves.
  4. Use a peeler to cut some ribbons from the pumpkin and place the ribbons in the still warm vinegar and marinate.
  5. Slice the rest of the pumpkin and simmer for about twenty-five minutes with half of the juice in a low pan with lid.
  6. Heat the plates in the oven.
  7. Cut the cervelat into cubes of one by one centimeter.
  8. Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat and fry the meat for five to ten minutes until crisp.
  9. Then turn off the heat.
  10. Puree the pumpkin with the other half of the apple juice, add some juice if necessary to get a thick cream.
  11. Press with a soup spoon through a kitchen sieve and season with salt, butter and some of the vinegar used.
  12. Keep warm in the pan.
  13. Dab the pumpkin ribbons dry with kitchen paper.
  14. Warm up the cervelat for a moment.
  15. Serve the cream in the warm plates and sprinkle with the cervelat and some small drops of the shortening.
  16. Garnish with the pumpkin ribbons and twigs of chervil.

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