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Lasagne bolognese
8 ServingsPTM95 min

Lasagne bolognese



  1. First make the ragu: Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and fry the onion, garlic, celery and carrot on a low heat until softened in four minutes.
  2. Add the minced meat and fry it in a stirring way.
  3. Stir in the tomato paste and herbs with salt and freshly ground pepper and cook for a maximum of two minutes.
  4. Then pour in the fond and wine.
  5. Let the ragu gently simmer on the pan with the lid for three quarters of an hour until it becomes a slightly tied minced meat sauce.
  6. Meanwhile, make the bechamel sauce: Melt the butter in a pan with a thick bottom.
  7. Stir in the flour and let it simmer for two minutes.
  8. Pour in half of the milk and stir everything into a thick smooth sauce.
  9. Add the rest of the milk while stirring for a dash until it becomes a fairly thin, smooth sauce.
  10. Place the bay leaves in the sauce.
  11. Add salt, freshly ground pepper and some nutmeg and let the sauce simmer gently for ten minutes (with a flame distributor below) until the sauce thickens again.
  12. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C.
  13. Grease a large lasagna dish with some butter.
  14. Divide some of the ragu over the bottom of the lasagne dish and place lasagne sheets on it.
  15. Divide half of the remaining ragu and then a quarter of bechamel sauce.
  16. Repeat this order of lasagne sheets, ragu and bechamel sauce one more time and then cover with the last lasagne sheets.
  17. Cut the tomatoes and the mozzarella bread rolls into slices.
  18. Spread the remaining bechamel sauce over it and place the mozzarella and tomato in it.
  19. Finally, sprinkle the Parmesan cheese over it.
  20. Put the dish in the oven and fry the lasagne in half an hour until golden brown and done.
  21. Take the dish out of the oven and let stand for at least ten minutes.
  22. This makes the lasagna a bit firmer and is easier to cut.

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