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6 tips against heartburn when you are pregnant

  1. Heartburn is often in the top 5 of pregnancy complaints. There are a number of things you can do to reduce the risk of heartburn. And otherwise there is Rennie *, Dutch No. 1 * brand for heartburn and acid regurgitation.

  1. You are pregnant and suddenly your body seems confused. But that is part of it. Your hormone balance changes, along with your body. All to help that little sprout in your uterus grow as best as possible. But that also means that you sometimes suffer from discomfort, such as heartburn.

What is heartburn anyway?

  1. To digest food and kill bacteria, everyone has stomach acid in their stomach. The stomach has a protective layer, the gastric mucosa, so that you do not suffer from stomach acid. But if too much stomach acid is produced, the stomach lining can become irritated. And you experience that as heartburn. The stomach acid can also come up into the esophagus. This causes a burning or stinging sensation in the back of the throat or even a sour taste in the mouth. You've probably heard of recurring heartburn, acid indigestion or reflux, very annoying, but you can reduce the chances of it.

6 tips for heartburn Make sure your food is not too spicy or greasy. Acidic foods such as orange, grapefruit, or vinegar can also cause heartburn Avoid fizzy drinks, coffee, regular tea or acidic fruit juice between meals. Eat more often and smaller portions during the day. This way your stomach does not become too full and the risk of acid regurgitation is smaller. Sleep with a raised headboard. When you go to sleep, gravity can cause stomach acid to flow back into the esophagus. You can prevent this with a raised headboard. Do not wear tight but comfortable (maternity) clothing. That way you avoid putting extra pressure on your stomach and the chance of acid regurgitation decreases. Stoop with a straight back. This reduces the chance that stomach acid will flow back into the esophagus. Now, you may have tried all of this, but you still have heartburn. Then there is Rennie. Rennie only works locally in the stomach and works within 2 minutes. It converts excess stomach acid into water and other body substances. You can take it with confidence during pregnancy. If you want to have more tips or read about heartburn during pregnancy, read on here. A A A * Nielsen, COT value YTD February 2020. KOAG no. 80-0420-1463. Don't miss anything anymore?

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