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Broad beans burger
4 ServingsPTM74 min

Broad beans burger

Vegetarian burger of broad beans and herbs



  1. Peel the potatoes and finely chop the garlic.
  2. Roast the cumin seeds for 3 minutes in a frying pan without oil or butter. Allow to cool and grind briefly in the mortar.
  3. Heat the oil in a wok. Add the spinach in parts and let it shrink all the time. Allow to cool and push out the moisture. Cut fine.
  4. Cook the frozen broad beans in 4 minutes until al dente. Drain, rinse cold under running water and double-cap them.
  5. Cut the potatoes into cubes of 1 cm. Boil for 15 minutes and drain.
  6. Cut the stalk of the red pepper. Halve the pepper in the length and remove the seed lists with a sharp knife. Cut the flesh into strips.
  7. Mash the potatoes with the cumin seeds, oil, broad beans, red pepper, garlic, ground turmeric and ground coriander.
  8. Beat the egg. Cut the coriander roughly and add it with the spinach, breadcrumbs, egg, pepper and salt.
  9. Form 8 equal citizens with wet hands. Place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  10. Preheat the oven to 225 ° C.
  11. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the burgers in 10 min. Golden brown. Turn halfway.
  12. Meanwhile, bake the shawarma rolls in the oven for 4 minutes. Cut open the buns and fill them with the arugula and the burgers. Bon appétit! .


Sodium39% DV930mg
Fat35% DV23g
Protein54% DV27g
Carbs37% DV110g
Fiber56% DV14g

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