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Easter egg cake
12 ServingsPTM90 min

Easter egg cake



  1. Preheat the oven to 160 ° C.
  2. Cover the bottom of a spring form (20-22 cm) with parchment paper.
  3. Peel and grate the apples.
  4. Mix in a bowl the self-rising flour with the cardamom and a pinch of salt.
  5. In a mixing bowl, whisk the butter with the sugar into an airy, creamy cream.
  6. Beat the eggs one by one.
  7. Add the next egg only once the previous egg has been completely absorbed.
  8. Then spat the grated apple, the orange zest and the flour mixture in succession.
  9. Transfer the batter into the spring form and bake the cake in 40-50 minutes until it is nicely browned and done.
  10. Let the cake cool for 10 minutes in the mold, remove the mold and let it cool down on a rack.
  11. Chop half of the chocolate eggs into pieces and cut the remaining eggs in half lengthwise.
  12. In a bowl, beat the whipped cream with the lawyer, icing sugar and the whipped cream stiffener and spread the chopped chocolate through it.
  13. Cut the cake in 3 layers.
  14. Brush the bottom and the middle cake layer with the lawyer's cream and place them on a flat dish.
  15. Place the top cake layer on top.
  16. Roll out the fondant according to the instructions into a round piece of Ø 30 cm and cover the top and side of the cake with the fondant.
  17. Fold the excess fondant under the cake.
  18. Garnish the cake on top with the chocolate eggs.

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