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Pork tenderloin with apricot-almond compote
2 ServingsPTM40 min

Pork tenderloin with apricot-almond compote

A tasty recipe. The main course contains the following ingredients: meat, saffron, butter, leek (in thin rings), basmati rice, meat broth (tablet or pot), veggie apricots, garnish almonds (55 g), fresh ginger root (peeled), extra virgin olive oil and pork tenderloin.



  1. Saffron 5 min.
  2. Soak in 2 t of water.
  3. Heat butter in pan 1 tbsp.
  4. Leeks for 5 min.
  5. Add rice, saffron and broth and bring to the boil.
  6. Rice covered in about 20 minutes of cooking, last 5 minutes without lid, so that rice can evaporate.
  7. Meanwhile, apricots on low heat in the layer of water boil and drain for 5 minutes.
  8. Fry golden yellow in dry frying pan almonds.
  9. Break apricots into mortar until they are coarse and create in a bowl.
  10. Pound the almonds into the mortar and add to the apricots.
  11. Ginger root grated over apricots.
  12. Mix 1 tsp oil with apricot mixture and season to taste with salt and pepper.
  13. Spread the tenderloin with salt and pepper.
  14. Heat oil in the pan and fry meat around golden brown.
  15. Add the rest of the butter and, on medium heat, cut meat into 8-10 min.
  16. Leave the meat to rest for 1 minute, then cut into slices.
  17. Spread rice and slices of meat over two warm plates.
  18. Serving apricot almond compote next to it..


Sodium30% DV715mg
Fat68% DV44g
Protein98% DV49g
Carbs33% DV100g
Fiber20% DV5g

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