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A tight neckline is also possible when you are a little older

  1. The care of your décolleté deserves as much attention as that of your face. In women, the appearance of the décolleté like that of the neck and hands betrays age. By, among other things, a good posture, sophisticated care of the skin of the cleavage� and exercises to strengthen the chest muscles, it is possible to have a beautiful cleavage even in old age� without too many spots and wrinkles.


  1. A sleek and smooth décolleté What is cleavage? Good posture is a must for a youthful cleavage Care of the skin of the décolleté Is a bra harmful to your cleavage? A beautiful cleavage through exercises for the breasts Weight fluctuations bad for cleavage What else can you do?

Weight fluctuations bad for cleavage

  1. Because your skin loses its elasticity due to many weight fluctuations, try not to gain and lose weight too often. A stable and healthy weight

What else can you do?

  1. A youthful cleavage is nicely taken with you. But with a few good habits, you can keep looking youthful for longer.

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