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Alcoholic drinks and the "beer belly"

  1. Many people pay particular attention to their calorie intake, which they consume through their diet. Still, certain drinks can unnoticeably increase the calorie intake. In addition to proteins, carbohydrates and fats, alcohol is one of the nutrients from which the body obtains energy. Now the danger of a "beer belly" is not so much in the number of kilocalories per drink but more in the number of drinks that are consumed and especially the way the body deals with alcohol.


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Alcohol and health

  1. Alcohol has a twofold effect on health. More than thirty years of various studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption has a preventive effect on the development of cardiovascular disease. It does not matter which drink the alcohol comes from, the reduced risk is related to the effect of the alcohol itself. Alcohol has an increasing effect of the good HDL cholesterol in the blood. This HDL cholesterol is responsible for the removal of cholesterol from the Wine / Source: Denisefjorge, Rgbstock

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