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Amulets, then and now

  1. Staying physically and mentally healthy is a very complex process, in which daily habits, I call it rituals, play an important role. A very old form of ritual is the wearing of an amulet. A habit that we find in one form or another in all old and new cultures.

Examples of healing amulets

  1. Examples of amulets that people used to wear around the neck: teeth or a mouse head (for the teeth to come through), an iron ring (gout), coffin nails (rheumatism), worms in a bag (dewworm), a red thread (nosebleeds). Earrings were worn to prevent and treat eye complaints. Sometimes they put the amulet in their trouser pocket or hung it in a pocket in their underpants: horse chestnut or potato against rheumatism, a spell from the Bible against fever, the roots of figwort against hemorrhoids and the tubers of male orchid against potency problems


  1. A symbolic meaning, possibly a placebo effect Wearing an amulet also reminds you of the problem or promise over and over again. A reminder. An energetic effect of the herb, the gemstone or the shape of the amulet A possible material effect due to the transfer of minerals and other substances to the skin by friction.

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