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Are legumes a good meat substitute?

  1. Yes. Legumes such as beans, soy, capuchins and lentils, just like meat, contain iron, protein and B vitamins. They are in the Fish, legumes, meat, egg, dairy and nuts section of the Wheel of Five.

  1. Vegetable 'Green' legumes such as string beans, green beans, peas, snow peas, sugar snaps and long beans are eaten as a vegetable and are in the vegetable compartment of the Disc of Five.

Better than meat?

  1. In some ways, legumes are a better choice than meat: they have no saturated fat, no salt (unless it's added to the pot) and a lot of fiber. In addition, they have a lower environmental impact.

Healthy with the Wheel of Five

  1. You don't eat meat every day with the Wheel of Five. That is better for animal welfare, the environment or health. You can do without meat or fish if you eat enough from the Fish, legumes, meat, egg, dairy and nuts section to get enough iron, vitamins B1 and B12. Look at the Wheel of Five for you how much you need from this course every day. An example of a weekly schedule could be: 1 day of fish, 1 day of legumes, 1 day of nuts, 2 days of beef or pork and 2 days of chicken or other poultry. Instead of the meat you can also take tofu, tempeh or egg or again legumes or a handful of nuts.


  1. Check out our delicious legume recipes.

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