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Are oliebollen healthy?

  1. At the turn of the year you will find an oliebollen stand on every corner of the street with oliebollen, apple fritters, apple dumplings and apple turnovers. How many calories and fats are there actually? Do you buy them or do you choose to bake them yourself? Then view our tips for something healthier oliebollen. This table provides insight and helps you choose:

Baking your own donuts

  1. Traditionally, donuts consist of a mixture of (white) flour, yeast and milk and are fried in hot oil. Oliebollen contain a lot of calories. Tips for something healthier oliebollen: Do not use hard frying fat, but oil, such as sunflower, corn, soy or peanut oil. Liquid frying fat from a bottle is also possible. It contains much less saturated fat than hard frying fat. Set the deep fryer to 150 to 175 ° C, then your oliebol will not absorb too much oil. Fry the oliebollen until golden brown, but not too dark. Burnt food contains harmful substances (acrylamide and PAHs). Instead of white flour, you can also try whole wheat flour. Or rice flour, for gluten-free donuts. Use little or no icing sugar to dust them. Prepare yourself well. Know how to get the fat to the right temperature. Check out our frying tips.


  1. You can make oliebollen that you make yourself exactly as you like them best: with or without candied peel, with or without raisins. Check out our recipe for traditional oliebollen.

Pick up at the oliebollen stand

  1. Prefer not to bake yourself? Most oliebollen stalls nowadays fry in "healthy" oil or liquid fat. As a result, the oliebollen and apple fritters contain less saturated fat than before. If you see the logo responsible frying, it means that liquid fat is used for frying.

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