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Are soy products good meat substitutes?

  1. Soy is rich in protein, unsaturated fat and contains iron and vitamin B1. Soybean products are good meat substitutes if they contain enough iron and vitamin B1. Tempé and tofu are in any case suitable. Vegetarian products based on soy protein can also serve as a meat substitute. Think of vegetarian balls, pieces or burgers. View all criteria for a healthy meat substitute

  1. What is soy? Soy comes from soybeans, a legume. Various products are made from soy, such as tofu, tempeh and soy drink. Soybean oil can also be made from soy. That is the most used vegetable oil in the world.

Is soy healthy?

  1. Tofu and tempeh are in the Wheel of Five. Legumes, including soybean, lower your LDL cholesterol, which helps keep your blood vessels healthy. Vegetarian soy products are only included in the Wheel of Five if they contain less than 1.1 grams of salt per 100 grams.

Recipes with soy products

  1. Check out our tofu recipes View our recipes with tempeh

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