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Bach flowers - four flowers that help with hypersensitivity

  1. It is not easy to always be equally strong. Very often your feelings are influenced by what others think of you, by the atmosphere in your immediate environment, by the behavior or words of others. There are people for whom these outside influences become real disruptors to their own emotional balance. Those who are so hypersensitive can resort to Bach flowers. Doctor Edward Bach identified four types of hypersensitivity and found a cure for each one.

Agrimony (Agrimony)

  1. Imagine the image of the sad clown. In the middle of the arena, he gets out of his way and makes everyone laugh. In his caravan, when the make-up has been wiped off, he sits sadly staring into the mirror. This is the typical image of someone in need of Agrimony. They are people who hide all their worries and problems behind a mask of cheerfulness. Because if there is one thing they can't stand, it's tension and arguments. They will do anything to hide their displeasure and pretend that everything is okay.

Centauy (Centaury)

  1. Centaury people can't say no. They are so eager to help, they cannot bear the idea of ​​rejecting someone. They only feel good when they can be of service to others. Therefore, there is a good chance that they will be benefited. They demand too much of themselves and cannot dose their energy sufficiently.

Holly (Holly)

  1. The hypersensitivity of people who need Holly is manifested by jealousy, envy, hatred and suspicion. These people mirror themselves to others and cannot stomach it when they think it is better. The feelings associated with this remedy are often very intense. The inner pain can be sharp, just like the spines on the holly leaves.


  1. There are people who often let themselves be influenced by others unintentionally. Enthusiasm can drag them into something they wouldn't choose of themselves. A disapproving attitude or comment can make them doubt something they fully support deep down. In such a case, walnut helps to stay close to your own feelings and ideas and to ignore the disturbers from the environment.

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