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Bad breath � a natural thyme mouthwash

  1. Bad breath is many people's nightmare. But if you want to combat your bad breath with a natural remedy, that becomes a bit more difficult. However, you can make a natural mouthwash yourself. In addition to food, nature also offers us ingredients to prevent or combat minor inconveniences. Natural products that are self-made also do not contain anything that is unhealthy for the body. Bad breath often stems from the stomach (unless someone has gums or dental problems). With some thyme and other herbs, a good mouthwash for bad breath is easily made and it smells delicious too. So get started with a natural remedy for bad breath.

Thyme mouthspray and mouthwash - the Ingredients

  1. 10 tablespoons of fresh thyme leaves 10 tablespoons of fresh mint leaves 5 fresh eucalyptus leaves 3 teaspoons anise 3 teaspoons of cloves 200 ml of vodka the zest of 1 lemon 1 tablespoon sorbitol or other sweet (only if someone wants it) 4 tablespoons glycerine


  1. Strip the thyme, mint and eucalyptus leaves from their stems and chop them finely. Put them all in a blender and grind them. Add the anise and cloves and blend again. Then put the mixture in a dark jar along with the vodka, lemon and sorbitol if desired. Let it steep for 10 days to 1 month. Then drain the mixture through a muslin or muslin cloth. Add the glycerine (available from pharmacies), stir well and pour the mixture into a bottle with a spray bottle.


  1. Spray a few times in the mouth as needed. Be careful with the number of times that is sprayed. This mixture contains alcohol and the combination of drinking (or spraying) and driving is prohibited. Pregnant women should also not use this medicine.

Properties of Thyme:

  1. Thyme is mainly used in homeopathy for its antiseptic and anti-bacterial effect. In addition, it helps with digestive problems. People who have too little appetite and digest food poorly can also benefit greatly from the herb. Thyme also helps with insomnia or migraines.

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