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Book review: Easy Peasy lunchbox

  1. A sandwich with cheese or sausage, a sandwich with peanut butter or apple syrup, a so-called prepackaged school biscuit and if you're lucky a piece of fruit. The lunch box generally does not excel in variety and creativity everywhere. A pity, because so much is possible. That shows 'Easy Peasy lunch box'. A book full of healthy lunchbox inspiration for your child, but also very suitable for your own lunch box.

  1. You come across it more and more on social media: inspiration for the lunchbox. The book Easy Peasy lunch box therefore fits perfectly in that trend. Authors Claire van den Heuvel and Vera van Haren - known for the books Easy Peasy and Easy Peasy Family - give you a lot of daily inspiration in this new book. The extensive philosophy behind Easy Peasy can be found in the previous two books, but even without knowing those books you can get started with the lunch box. At the beginning of the book you will find a brief overview of the most important insights. Including tips to get your child to eat.

Vegetables, grains and proteins

  1. The emphasis in Easy Peasy lunchbox is mainly on vegetables: almost all of us don't get enough vegetables. Adding vegetables to every meal - including lunch - is a good start for change. In addition to vegetables, proteins and grains are important. Most children get enough of grains, but usually that is only wheat. A variety of grains is a must, according to the Easy Peasy ladies. For example, choose barley, oats, rye, rice, millet and corn. Or try buckwheat, quinoa, wild rice, or amaranth. In general, the lunch box contains not only little vegetables, but also little protein. A shame, because children can certainly use some good protein sources. And you yourself too. Especially in combination with fats and let's often encounter proteins and fats together. Think, for example, of fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel or nuts and seeds. Other good protein and fat sources are egg, meat, beans, chickpeas, cheese, yogurt, oil, avocado, and so on.

Recipes and ideas

  1. Knowing what a good lunch should meet is of course a nice first step, but the real lunchbox inspiration comes in the form of recipes. The book starts with all kinds of nice 10 hours. In addition to vegetables - such as egg vegetable muffin and pepper strips -, this eating moment consists of a lot of fruit. A homemade egg cake with forest fruits for example or banana pancakes with pomegranate seeds. Not all suggestions are complicated by the way. You can also give a banana (write a nice message in the skin with a skewer) and some pistachios. And a mandarin orange, medjool date and some walnuts also work well. The ideas for lunch itself are just as varied, tasty and often simple. The sweet buckwheat pancakes with chocolate and banana are sure to be a hit, as will the wholemeal pita with avocado, chicken fillet and tomatoes. The savory pie with broccoli is also recommended and certainly scores points, especially in combination with popcorn that you have popped yourself. There is no lack of 'normal' bread either: nice are the sandwich on a stick, for example. Your child may have to get used to some flavors, but you will also find tips for this in Easy Peasy lunch box.

Happy photos

  1. The charm of this book also lies in the photos and cheerful layout. Some ideas require little text and explanation. A photo says more than enough. And the photos make you happy. Paper sandwich bags filled with treats, lunch boxes full of colorful snacks and tiffins - a stack of stainless steel containers - with all the parts of a salad separately. If you give your child such a nicely filled drum, healthy food is no longer so 'stupid'. In fact, it is delicious. And also very suitable for yourself. Claire van den Heuvel and Vera van Haren are both mothers of a total of four small â € ˜largeâ € ™ men. Both have a background in nutrition, psychology and communication. Claire has been running her own healthy nutrition company since 2008, in which she and Vera regularly join forces in the form of the successful books Easy Peasy and Easy Peasy Family. Do you want to put some treats in the drum of tomorrow? Then get started with one of these three recipes: Falafel balls and corn chips with guacamole Cookie dough balls, broccoli cheese patties and raspberries Homemade egg cake and forest fruits Photo: Jeroen van der Spek

  2. The charm of this book also lies in the photos and cheerful layout. Some ideas need little text and explanation. A photo says more than enough. And the photos make you happy. Paper

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