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Book Review: Fertility for Dummies

  1. In Fertility for Dummies you will find everything you want to know if you do not (immediately) succeed in getting pregnant. The book covers the entire process from the desire to have children to pregnancy.

  1. It may seem like everyone around you is just getting pregnant, but in fact, one in six couples is struggling with fertility problems. In 'Fertility for Dummies', a nurse, a fertility doctor and an experience expert give countless advice for those who delay pregnancy.


  1. "Fertility for Dummies" starts with some beginner biology in the field of female anatomy. The possible causes for the absence of a pregnancy and what you could do about it yourself are also discussed. The authors describe in detail all kinds of fertility treatments from injections to IVF. Finally, the book discusses the possibilities to fulfill your desire to have children when all of the foregoing has been in vain. In addition to the physical side, 'Fertility for Dummies' also pays attention to the emotional consequences of a delay in pregnancy. The book answers questions such as: How do you ensure that your relationship suffers as little as possible from the stress of trying to conceive? How do you deal with blunt questions or comments from your environment? And how do you proceed if biological parenting proves impossible?


  1. You certainly don't have to go through this book from cover to cover. Like all books from the 'For Dummies' series, it is clearly arranged and has an extensive table of contents and index. This way you can easily find the topics that interest you. Icons mark tips, summaries of important points, and warnings. The less necessary information such as technical details and personal stories also have their own pictogram, so you can skip these pieces if necessary Fertility for Dummies tries to help you with a wealth of information in plain language. Heavy topics are discussed with a dose of humor. In short, it is a handy, easy to read book for those who want to prepare for a pregnancy and the medical process that may precede it.

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