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Book review: Oh she glows - every day

  1. "Oh she glows - every day" is the new cookbook from Angela Liddon, founder of the vegan lifestyle blog of the same name. As the mother of a daughter just a few months old, she spent the night testing recipes for nutritious, easy-to-prepare meals that keep you fit. "I am convinced that a balanced diet works wonders for your energy levels, your mood and your general well-being," she writes in the introduction. The result is a colorful cookbook full of delicious dishes.

  1. The result is a voluminous book with over a hundred recipes for daily meals, special occasions, holidays and 'Sunday' meals. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, biscuits, desserts ... and all completely plant-based. Her recipes have been approved by carnivores and children and are therefore suitable for everyone. If you've been a vegetarian or vegan for years, you'll find new inspiration. But the book can also be a nice first introduction to plant-based food.

Colorful and deliciously plant-based

  1. If you still think vegan food is a bit boring or bland, Angela Liddon definitely proves the opposite. The colors splash from the photos and the dishes all sound equally delicious. Extra special is that she has devised original plant-based alternatives for, for example, dairy products, such as cheese sauce without a slice of cheese and various types of nut milks. Some recipes require a little more preparation, but all steps are clearly defined and Angela often adds helpful tips and personal notes. Every recipe also includes allergy information and you often get advice on how to adapt it to a child-friendly, nut, grain or soy-free version.


  1. A small taste of the recipes you will find in Oh she glows - every day: Six vegetable soup, with 'cheese' and homemade garlic croutons Chili's with vegan 'cheese sauce' Super seed granola with coconut chips and vanilla Angela Liddon is the founder of, an award-winning plant-based recipe website. Her recipes are featured in numerous international magazines and she is the winner of several blog awards. Her first cookbook, The Oh She Glows Cookbook, is a worldwide bestseller. She lives in Canada with her family.

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